Planting trees – making my business more eco-friendly and sustainable

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am nature lover and adore the gorgeous world around us, which got me thinking about sustainability and what I can do to be a more eco-friendly wedding photographer. I did Geography at uni and am in my happy place when I am outdoors at the coast or in the countryside. Because of this, I already sponsor the Woodland Trust’s work privately and learned that they have a wonderful scheme set up to plant new native woodland to offset the carbon dioxide I produce by going about my day to day business. I have worked with the Woodland Trust to create 100m2 of new native woodland, which I am delighted to see certified today. In time this will absorb at least 4 tonnes of carbon dioxide, helping me to reduce my business carbon footprint. By calculating the business milage I do and looking at my office space use, 4 tonne is more than double what I estimate to produce so I wanted to buy more that I needed to really offset and put back. This is something that I am committed to continuing year after year. This only adds to efforts I make already, I design and make my packaging from sustainable and recycled sources and my wonderful Luxe and Artisan albums are all completely sustainable in their production too. I am committed to reviewing and continuing to work in a sustainable way and am excited about what I have achieved so far.

eco friendly sustainalble wedding photographer

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