Good evening friends!
I thought it would be fun to say hello and share a few random facts so you get to know me better….

1. I play piano and also tenor sax in a swing band and I met my hubby in our uni jazz band!

2. I love an eBay bargain and bid 99p on this baby grand and won it!! {then had to work out how to bring her home!} .

3. I have an obsession with house plants and that philedendron you see there has gone bonkers (in the insane flamingo jardinaire that I bought online without reading about it’s giant dimensions) (see a theme here!)

4. I love Iceland (you can follow my Iceland account over at @thisicelandphotographer) and love buying Icelandic wool blankets to snuggle under when I am at home

5. My hubby is Scottish and that’s his Douglas tartan on the piano stall we upholstered together.

Enough from me, why not join me on instagram or facebook and tell me about your random eBay purchases, hobbies and travel love! If you’d like to get to know about how I work and get to see me shoot you can watch my lovely ‘About me’ video here.

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