Together, we’ll tell your brand story

Some of my favourite joys in life are being able to capture people, the amazing work they do and the heart and soul of their business. Having a degree in geography means the great outdoors has always called me, and when I get asked to go on photography adventures with beautiful souls across the world, my heart sings! Iceland is certainly one of my favourite places to photograph on this planet of ours. Visual content creating is one of my all time joys, and being able to capture and create unique, personal and inspiring visual content for clients means the world. Telling an authentic story of your brand so you can invite your clients to virtually experience all of the awesome that you offer is at the heart of building a shoot with you. Let us collaborate on this exciting journey and create something magical together…

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Bring the great outdoors inside…

Fine art prints are a beautiful addition to anyone’s home. Vast and lush landscapes, to abstract colours and formations; they'll sure wow as a centrepiece, or be admired as a smaller print. With an ever growing collection of images to choose from, there’s something for everyone in my Print Shop. From the wild snowy winter scenes of Iceland, to the power of nature with waterfalls and the coastline! Having chased aurora until the small hours of the morning and then waiting up until first light, each of these images is intricately woven with a story, the thrill of the chase from this lover of light and it is an honour to share these with you. 

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