Iceland Travel Photography – Day Trip Selfoss to Jokulsarlon

Travelling in Iceland is quite simply wonderful. The gripping wilderness and stunning scenes go a long way to topping up my soul each time I visit. I recently got asked about some suggested road trip tips to take in lots of epic scenes and I immediately thought of one of the most incredible routes you can take! As you’ll see from the map, it is quite a distance to cover in a day trip between Selfoss in the South West through to Jokulsarlon in the South East. But there are so many stops along the way, the journey flies by, especially with some great Icelandic music in the car too….I totally recommend Ásgeir, sounds that feel like they connect you to the visual experience of the drive.

The key stops on this route I recommend are:

  • Selfoss – for food/fuel – the biggest town outside of Reykjavik on this route
  • Hella – the cafe as the amazing iced cinnamon buns snúður, petrol, toilets, pharmacy and supermarket
  • Seljalandsfoss – the waterfall you can walk behind, there are toilets and a seasonal tourist shop here
  • Skogafoss – a giant waterfall, a small town, toilets, restaurants, camping, hotels and B&Bs
  • Dyrholaey – the most southerly tip of Iceland, a giant sea arch, epic lighthouse and rugged coastline
  • Vik – a small village with a good cafe, petrol, hotels, supermarkets and tourist shop
  • Lava fields – as you get about 45 minutes out of Vik you’ll be overwhelmed by the undulating and obscure scenes
  • Skaftafell – you can walk to a glacier, depart for many day tours to glacier cave/hike, camp, toilets, cafe, hotels, petrol
  • Jokulsarlon – Glacier lagoon, so much ice making its way to the sea from the glacier, toilets and cafe
  • Jokulsarlon Ice Beach – just over the road from the lagoon, ice washes up and decorates the shore, natures diamonds

As you can see there is so much to do en route, I’ve done this many times in a day and returned back to Selfoss after dark and I have also booked hotels in the East so that I could spend more time in the area exploring all of the glacier outlets and beautiful scenery!

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