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FAQs – I thought it might be helpful to put together answers to some common questions to help you, so here goes!

Q: Do you have set shots that you must get at every wedding?

A: I am being invited to capture your wedding day, so through our chats and build up to your day, I work hard to learn what your day will be like. There are key moments in any day but I aim to capture those in a way that is centred around what you want and that reflects your day. So, if you are not having a first dance, or you haven’t got a cake or don’t want too many group shots, then that is just swell.

Q: Do you do group shots?

A: Indeed I do. I am happy to work to a list of groups that you would like capturing and we can talk through your ideas and it is up to you how many or few you’d like.

Q: Do you take us off for hours for a portrait session on the day?

A: Just like group shots, I am guided by you here and it depends on what you would like from portraits or if you want them at all! On a wedding day this tends to be the only time you will have together and with all of the emotions of the day the magic just happens between you. With very gentle direction, this part of your day can be a real treat to spend time together and can be as short or as long as you’d like it to be. Equally, you might want to steal some moments together through the day, so we can go with the flow and sneak off for some shots!

Q: What does all day mean with your packages?

A: I love capturing the story of your day and being able to tell the from 1.5 hours before you leave for your ceremony and if you are having a first dance, I tend to stay to capture some of the dancing and party atmosphere and then I’ll check that you’re happy and slide away leaving you to enjoy the rest of your evening. If all day does not suit or you would like to book me for the night before or celebrations on the morning after, we can chat about this. Equally, if you want a tailored quote, just drop me a line. I occasionally work with second shooters if both halves of your whole world would like their mornings documented, this attracts an additional fee.

Q: Do you work with an assistant?

A: Normally, yes. I carry a lot of kit and my assistant will be there to help me with this, set things up in advance like flash for your first dance and help with group shots and the smooth running of your day.

Q: Do we need to cater for you?

A: Yes please! A wedding day is a long day and I work super hard for you, so I normally eat a hearty breakfast and then don’t get the chance to eat until you sit-down later on in the day. A lot of the time, there is not the option for me to buy food at a venue and if it is geographically remote, it is not easy to leave to get food, nor would I want to in case you need to grab me to capture an impromptu moment. I ask for access to water all day, its thirsty work, and a main meal for me and my assistant.

Q: How long does it take for us to get our images?

A: I aim to get as much right with the images in camera while I am capturing your day which means that it normally takes me no more than 1-2 weeks to review, edit and have your online gallery. I’ll email you the link and password so you can have access if you’re on honeymoon or know they’ll be waiting for you when you’re home. Your USB and complimentary thank you post cards are posted out just after this.

Q: Do you offer a sneak peek?

A: Yes, I back up your images as soon as I get home from your wedding and will always pick a few from the day to sneak peek on my Facebook Page before I go to bed. I’m just as excited to share your images with you, as you are to see them. So as a little taster, you will wake up as newlyweds and have just a few images to get excited over and share some beautiful photos of your day with all of your friends and family. An example of a sneak peek can be found here.

Q: How many images do we get?

A: It really varies from wedding to wedding, however for a full day of photography, I would estimate at least 600 images.

Q: Do you cap the number of images you edit?

A: No, I edit every image to ensure that I am happy with the composition, colour balance, crop etc and you get every edited image.

Q: What resolution of images do we get?

A: You will have every image in high resolution (300dpi) which is print quality.

Q: What Photoshop work do you do on your images to make them look like they do?

A: I have a range of Photoshop filter recipes that I use when I edit weddings. I pick out a recipe and tweak the secret ingredients to a bespoke finish that I feel, artistically enhances the soft and natural feel of the images.

Q: What rights do we have with the images?

A: I believe that your wedding images, should feel like they are yours. You are licensed to print, share and upload your images which covers all bases. The copyright of the images remains with me, as the creator, which means you’d need to ask if you wanted to use your images for anything other than printing, sharing and uploading.

Q: Can our guests buy images online?

A: Yes, all of your images will be uploaded to my online store in full high resolution glory. Your guests will be able to buy images from professional printers who have my colour profiles calibrated to ensure the highest quality of printing. Images start from £2.25 for a 6″ x 4″ print. We just need to agree a password and then you can share the link and password information and sharing your images is made easy.

Q: Are we the first to see our images?

A: After your sneak peek of a few images, the first people to lay eyes on the images will be you. Once I have finished editing the images, they are uploaded to my online gallery and I will share the link with you. So, if you are on honeymoon and want to sit, relaxing and reliving your day you can do that from anywhere in the world. Alternatively, they will be waiting online for you when you get home and your DVDs are delivered by special delivery upon your return.

Q: How do you use the images?

A: With your agreement, I like to be able to share a selection of images on my website, blog and Facebook page, but as I mentioned in the last FAQ, only after you have seen them. If you wind yourselves back to when you were looking at selecting your wedding photographer, you’re likely to have wanted to see lots of images that they shot. So, I like to be able to share some images from each wedding so that other couples who are starting their wedding planning journey have a lovely selection of images to look at. I love what I do and I get just as excited sharing images of your beautiful day, but if you would prefer that your images were not shared then just let me know.

Q: We’ve seen your wedding photography featured, how does this work?

A: You might have found me through a wedding blog or a wedding magazine or have seen my featured page on my website. I am always delighted to have work featured, I think it helps newly engaged couples to fathom inspiration for their day and shows how wonderfully diverse the world of weddings is! I would always ask if you are happy for your images to be featured should the opportunity arise and often you will be interviewed to reminisce about your wedding day. I think making a written account of your wedding is a wonderful thing to do, as over the years memories fade so to be able to read over your thoughts year on year is just lovely!

Q: Do you have insurance?

A: Yes, I have both Public Liability Insurance and Professional Indemnity insurance and I am happy to provide these if you or your venue require them.

Q: How do you back up your images?

A: As soon as I get home from shooting a wedding, I am uploading the images from the memory cards and backing them up. Even before I’ve taken my coat off, grabbed a cuppa or acknowledged my cat! I archive them to a RAID storage, which is super clever and stores them in two places external to my iMac. Once the images are edited, I upload high resolution JPEGs to offsite storage and this saves the images in multiple locations. You also have a copy on your USB giving another location for the files. So, I have a tight process to back up my images and take backing up very seriously.

Q: We’ve got a question you’ve not answered here, what do we do?

A: Drop me a line, let’s chat informally – pop over to my contact page to find out how to reach me.