Welcome Sophie. You’ve made me think of my ‘why’.

There are milestone moments on your journey in photography and yesterday was one of them. It was such a treat, to step into a newness bubble to meet beautiful Sophie, Lisa & Owen’s first born. Its days like this that are “pinch yourself” times, as I got to capture their engagement shoot and saw her Mummy and Daddy get married in 2013 and since then they’ve become great friends, living in the same beautiful seaside town of Ramsgate. One of the beautiful sides to being a photographer is capturing the significant moments in peoples lives and creating images for them to treasure and look back on in years to come. When you see a sequence of moments weave together like this, it is really humbling as it is such a unique vantage point to be invited to be part of and see life from. This year more than ever, I have started to meet the next generation, catch up on life since couples weddings and just see this incredible, beautiful thing called life, grow and unfold around people and envelop them in happiness and a deeper love for eachother. Seeing that, when you sit back and reflect on it is overwhelming and so joyful, looking back at all of the moments you’ve captured and how this weaves into so many people’s biographies, as well as your own story of your vocation. Each click is creating something that has so much meaning, more than you’ll ever realise, it really is mind-blowing and when I think about it like this I get really emotional. I shoot from my heart to time capsule emotion and feelings for people who trust in me to create images for them to connect back with in the future. This is my why. The ‘why’ that is at the heart of what I do, the thing that drives and motivates me and every decision I make comes back to, honest and authentic stories about life’s journey. I am adoring these moments with people and when doing your job turns into such a wonderful friendship, it certainly does feel like a blessing. Sophie was a total sweetie the whole time, snoozing and being super cute….it was hard to pick just a few previews of our time together and these are a few faves and one from our Price-Douglas photo journey together so far!

Ramsgate Family Photography Kent Rebecca Doulgas-12engagement wedding newborn family photography by Rebecca Douglas Photography 041 Ramsgate Family Photography Kent Rebecca Doulgas-1Ramsgate Family Photography Kent Rebecca Doulgas-2Ramsgate Family Photography Kent Rebecca Doulgas-3Ramsgate Family Photography Kent Rebecca Doulgas-4Ramsgate Family Photography Kent Rebecca Doulgas-5Ramsgate Family Photography Kent Rebecca Doulgas-6Ramsgate Family Photography Kent Rebecca Doulgas-7Ramsgate Family Photography Kent Rebecca Doulgas-11Ramsgate Family Photography Kent Rebecca Doulgas-8Ramsgate Family Photography Kent Rebecca Doulgas-9

Ramsgate Family Photography Kent Rebecca Doulgas-10

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